Success, Only For The Lucky?

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I had a flashback today about a trip I took to London some time ago for modeling work. It was my second time there. and I had already done all the tourist attractions on my last trip. I remember riding the subway one night and thinking about how far away I was from home, physically and metaphorically.

For some reason I started to trace back to how it all began. How a young girl from the projects was making the cities in Europe like her second home. It’s funny because before that moment I don’t think I ever realized how every opportunity I had taken, had led to the next, and where I would be, had I skipped any of them. I also remember buying a bottle of champagne on the way back to my hotel room, and spending the night on FoxyBingo.com but that’s a story for another day. lol

This flashback made me want to share a simple tidbit of advice with anyone aspiring to achieve success, so here it is:

Take EVERY opportunity you can and milk it.

What do I mean by that?

1. Meet as many people as you can, with the goal of generating opportunities. You need to be where the opportunities are because trust me, they won’t come find you. This can also mean online, it’s not always an in-person thing.
2. Even if you think you would fail in pursuing an opportunity, you need to take it anyway! You never know what you will learn or who you will meet by merely attempting.
3. When it’s time to do your thing, do the BEST you can do, worse thing that can happen is that you won’t get the gig, job or sale. You’re not going to die! Then remember that you’re there to MILK it. Meet everyone that matters and never express your disappointment, be professional.
4. You can’t skip a step. Those opportunity’s are the  building blocks of success. No one gets to the top of the stairs in one stride. You climb one step at a time.

The dead honest truth is that you’re not going land every opportunity. So you have to play the numbers game. Know there will be several “no’s,” but right now you’re just looking for ONE “yes”. Play the odds. For example, if I were to flip a coin 3 times, and it landed on heads each time, that wouldn’t be too surprising. Now if I flipped it 100 times, odds are it’s not going to land on heads everytime. The point is you’re bound to get a “yes” and as long as you milk every chance, you’ll have one opportunity after the next to exploit.

You just gotta hustle. It’s really pretty simple actually. It’s LIFE’s way of filtering out those who sorta want it, from those who really really really want it. Success requires dedication.

Definition of Dedication: “Exclusively allocated to a particular service or purpose.”

Your whole life has to be about this. It won’t just happen to you. Thinking it does is living in a fantasy world where one day you’ll wake up and find that reality isn’t so pretty. So stop dreaming and start doing.

Launch of ShopCandie.com!!

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I am super excited to launch my new clothes & accessories store ShopCandie.com!!

I have always wanted to do this and am glad I can share it with you guys.

Use code LAUNCHSALE to get 25% off everything!


Upcoming Show – RAWards Semi-Finals + Ticket Giveaway!!

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YOU GUYS ROCK!! Thanks to your votes. I have been nominated for Musician of the Year @ the RAWards!! Semi-finals will be held at The Stage on Thursday November 8th at 7pm.

I invite you to be a part of this amazing event. The winner will be selected by both the audience members and the judges, so come show your support!

Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/rawcandie before they sell out.

I appreciate all the love!! ♥ See you there!


I will be giving away 2 tickets on Facebook and 2 on Twitter. To enter for your chance to win, follow the instructions below. Winners will be announced on November 6th.

On Facebook

Simply share the following post to your timeline http://on.fb.me/RVZtJ6

On Twitter

Simply copy and paste the following tweet into twitter and hit send. We can track entries by the hashtag #RAWcandie


Watch @ChaiseCandie compete at the @raw_artists RAWards semi-finals at The Stage Nov 8th. Get tix: http://bit.ly/rawcandie #RAWcandie



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