New Pictures Up!!

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to share some new pictures with you guys. I had two shoots last week and I can’t wait to put all the pictures up!! Patience, a virtue I must acquire! Anyway, here’s a little taste of them and hopefully I’ll have all of them up by next week. Stay tuned for behind the scenes video’s of the shoots too!!

Hope you like um…







Credits: Beach shots by Ana Ochoa, Guitar shot by Luis Valladares.

Gotta Love Apple!!

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Ok, so something terrible happened last week…my damn macbook air broke! The screen just went all the way back and the hinge cracked! I took it to apple and they were like umm it’s gunna be $800 to fix and it’s gunna take like 2 weeks!!! OMG!!! I was absolutely devastated!!! ;-(

Anyway, it was still working so I just took it home (cuz there’s no way I can go 2 weeks without a computer) but the screen just didn’t stay up so I just had to keep something behind it so it wouldn’t fall back and get worse. Real bootleg huh? lol. So I made another appointment at apple, this time at the South Beach location, maybe they’d be a little more slack with me there. I got all dolled up and played the innocent blonde and what do ya know, they gave me a brand new one!!!! OMG I love love love apple!!! I had already had the air for 10 months and they still gave me a new one. Wasn’t that so f**king cool of them?

So needless to say I was soooooooo happy I had to share, ;-)

P.S. always buy mac! hahaa!



Politics & Deception

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Today I’d like to discuss the startling fact that it is absolutely legal for political campaigns to run false ads. I’m curious why there isn’t an outrage about this in our country…but I assume we can attribute this to the fact that not many people actually know this.

In our country, there is no law that protects us against candidates who are running for public office that deliberately lie in their ads. In fact, the stations that air them can’t censor the ads or tell you that they may be false. I would think it would be illegal to blatantly lie to the american people about these kinds of things, even if only for the presidential campaigns, just as it is illegal to falsely advertise products – which is enforced by the truth-in-advertising laws. But no, there is no such law, no such protection. Their stance is that one, it would violate free speech, and two, that it is the people’s responsibility to inform themselves and seek out the truth.

The problem is, most people think that by watching the news and paying attention to these ads, that they are keeping themselves informed. Unfortunately they are just getting, believing and repeating false and misleading information. So how exactly are we, the people, supposed to make the right decision when everything being presented to us is totally warped? That’s like going to court and BOTH the plaintiff and defendant’s attorney’s are lying, deliberately, to the the jury. Is the jury actually expected to come to a fair verdict?

My Need for Privacy

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Hey everyone! Hope that all is well and that you enjoyed yourself this weekend. I wanted to stop to wish my best friend Biz a happy birthday one last time. You’re almost at the BIG “three o” baby!! But don’t worry, the good thing is that we’re all aging simultaneously!! ;-)

I decided to post a blog entry today about my lack of blog entries, go figure. So, most of you that know me from way back know that I kept a website with updated pictures and a public journal, which I did all the way through 2004. I never minded exposing myself, in fact, I enjoyed it. Keeping an up to date journal about my life and the experiences I was having was so much fun and very important to me, but then I just stopped.

I stopped writing, I stopped posting new pictures, I basically stopped staying in touch. I’m not quite sure what the reason was, but I suspect I felt the need for some privacy. I didn’t even notice myself retreating, yet I find myself years later virtually disconnected. I’ve sort of gotten used to going about my life and just keeping to myself. Now, I can’t say that it wasn’t much needed time, but something keeps telling me that it’s time to plug back in. To just say what I want and share my life with people again. Maybe that’s wierd but I just feel like that’s what I’m supposed to do.

So in the spirit of sharing I added two new pictures today, posted this blog and I’m almost ready to post my demo. I’m finalizing it now and it should definitely be up within the next week or so. We have 4 brand new songs and a slightly different sound. I’m really really excited about it and can’t wait to hear what you all think.

Anyway, I’m off to bed. It was truly a pleasure speaking my mind and I hope to hear from some old friends!

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