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Can’t Do it Without You

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When I started doing this, it felt like a shot in the dark. How will they find me? Hear me? It began with a few of you who told your friends, and they told their friends. I couldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.

As some of you already know I’m running a Kickstarter project to complete the production of my second album. We have 3 days left to reach our goal and once again, I can’t do it without you. It works like this, you pledge any amount, a dollar or more and in exchange you choose from a variety of things like autographed CD’s, posters, t-shirts, credits in the album, a Skype session or even dinner with yours truly (no dirty thoughts boys!).

The cool thing is that since Kickstarter is an all or nothing deal, your card will only be charged IF we reach our goal on June 20th. If not, its like it never happened. So yes YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE NOW WITHOUT ACTUALLY PAYING ANYTHING. If we reach our goal, you will get an email letting you know the project was successfully funded thanks to you and your payment will be processed.

By participating in the project (in addition to the awesome rewards) you will have exclusive access to:
⁃⁃ Behind the Scenes Videos and Pictures
⁃⁃ Live Streams from Studio Sessions
⁃⁃ Personal Updates throughout the process

PLEASE DON’T THINK THAT BECAUSE YOU CAN’T GIVE A LOT THAT YOU CAN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE – EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS!! It’s only with your support, no matter how small, that this can happen.

It takes only five minutes, yet this small gesture can make a HUGE difference.

Check out the Kickstarter Project here:

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