About Me

About Me

Chaise Candie is an American performer and recording artist. Born to Cuban immigrants and raised in Miami, FL. Her love for the stage was encouraged by friends and family. As a child she began singing and performing for her school, church and local community. In her teenage years family problems would cause her to retreat from all extracurricular activities. It was during this time that she began to hone in on her writing skills. ”I just locked myself in my room, listened to music and wrote, I’ve always felt the need to express my thoughts in writing. It’s therapy. My grandfather is a writer, my mother is a writer, it’s in my blood.”

These skills came in handy when she later met a team of writer/producers in the local club scene. She jumped at the opportunity to write lyrics for other artists. ”I had written some lyrics in my diary before, but this was an opportunity to put it to music, to an original composition” After demoing songs for other female acts, she decided to pen some songs for herself, and in 2011 gave birth to her EP “Batteries Not Included.”

Since the release of her first album, she’s been on the road doing shows, recently opening for Adam Lambert at the Miami Beach Gay Pride Parade, and writing songs for her upcoming album. “It has always been a dream of mine to write and record an album in both english & spanish so that I could reach as many people as possible and now I’m doing just that.”

Celebrating her new single L.I.F.E. which she wrote after interacting with her fans online, hearing about their life experiences and realizing how much those experiences mirrored her own. ”It’s amazing how someone living on the other side of the world can be going through the same thing as someone in your own backyard.” It’s this level of introspection that enables Chaise and her fans to have such a close and intimate relationship. Proving that the life of a performer is not just about accruing fans, but connecting with people.

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